Scientific papers

Comparison between microfluidic tangential flow nanofiltration and centrifugal nanofiltration for the concentration of small-volume samples
Journal of Membrane Science, 578, 27-35 (2019)
Keywords: Microfluidic tangential flow filtration, Centrifugal nanofiltration, Small nanofiltration device, High concentration factor, Concentration polarization

Centrifugal nanofiltration for small-volume samples
Journal of Membrane Science, 540, 411-421 (2017)
Keywords: Centrifugal nanofiltration, Centrifugal filtration, Small nanofiltration device, High concentration factor, Membrane angle

Efficient CFD-based method for designing cross-flow nanofiltration small devices
Journal of Membrane Science, 500, 190-202 (2016)
Keywords: Small nanofiltration devices; CFD; Mass transfer entrance effects; Holographic interferometry; Microfluidics

Rheological and dynamical characterization of blood analogue flows in a slit
International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, 46, 17-28 (2014).
Keywords: Blood analogues; Fluid mechanics; Laminar flow; Micro-PIV; Non-Newtonian fluids; Rheology

Micro-PIV characterization of laminar developed flows of newtonian and non-newtonian fluids in a slit channel
Engineering Mechanics, 19 (1), 3-13 (2012)
Keywords: Micro-PIV, Slit, Channel, Non-Newtonian, Blood analogue, Xanthan, Laminar

A comparative study of titanium nitrides, TiN, TiNbN and TiCN, as coatings for biomedical applications
Surface and Coatings Technology, 203 (24), 3701-3707 (2009)
Keywords: Titanium nitride coatings; Friction; Wear; Wettability; Albumin adsorption; Cytotoxicity