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Welcome to the Hattrick Simulated Champions League. I am Calvert, your gracious host and manager of Æthelmearc AC in the USA. Last October (2004) I, like many people before me, submitted a proposal to the developers to institute a Champions League for the game, one that I thought was both workable in the long and short term and would insure the highest level of play. Like every other proposal before and after, it was ignored. I was neither surprised nor offended. One of the great criticisms of all the proposals is that we really didn't know how it would work in practice. That criticism is justified and my proposal was no exception. After finding a reasonably good match predictor, I decided that I needed to put my money where my mouth was (so to speak) and actually simulate a CL based on my proposal. This is the result. I believed that such a league would not just generate interest among the participants but would also create great interest among the fans of the game as well. So far that belief has turned out to be justified.
I hope you have as much enjoyment following the Simulated Champions League as I have had running it.

Rich Goranson
aka Calvert
Æthelmearc AC, V.60, USA