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Title: Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes
Author: Felder, R. M.; Rousseau, R. W.
Edition: 1st. ed.
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
Year: 1986
ISBN: 0-471-87324-1

1 Engineering Problem Analysis

Chapter 1 What Chemical Engineers Sometimes Do For a Living
Chapter 2 Introduction to Engineering Calculations
Chapter 3 Processes and Process Variables

2 Material Balances

Chapter 4 Fundamentals of Material Balances
Chapter 5 Single-Phase Systems
Chapter 6 Multiphase Systems

3 Energy Balances

Chapter 7 Energy and Energy Balances
Chapter 8 Balances on Nonreactive Processes
Chapter 9 Balances on Reactive Processes
Chapter 10 Computer-Aided Balance Calculations
Chapter 11 Balances on Transient Processes

4 Case Studies