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Title: Transport Processes and Unit Operations
Author: Geankoplis, C. J.
Edition: 3rd. ed.
Editor: Prentice-Hall
Year: 1993
ISBN: 0-13-04553-X

Part 1 Transport Processes: Momentum, Heat and Mass

1 Introduction to Engineering Principles and Units
2 Principles of Momentum Transfer and Overall Balances
3 Principles of Momentum Transfer and Applications
4 Principles of Steady-State Heat Transfer
5 Principles of Unsteady-State Heat Transfer
6 Principles of Mass Transfer
7 Principles of Unsteady-State and Convective Mass Transfer

Part 2 Unit Operations

8 Evaporation
9 Drying of Process Materials
10 Stage and Continuous Gas-Liquid Separation Processes
11 Vapor-Liquid Separation Processes
12 Liquid-Liquid and Fluid-Solid Separation Processes
13 Membrane Separation Processes
14 Mechanical-Physical Separation Processes