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Title: Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering
Author: Fogler, H. S.
Edition: 3rd. ed.
Editor: Prentice-Hall
Year: 1999
ISBN: 0-13-973785-5

1 Mole Balances
2 Conversion and Reactor Sizing
3 Rate Laws and Stoichiometry
4 Isothermal Reactor Design
5 Collection and Analysis of Rate Data
6 Multiples Reactions
7 Nonelementary Reaction Kinetics
8 Steady-State Nonisothermal Reactor Design
9 Unsteady-State Nonisothermal Reactor Design
10 Catalysis and Catalytic Reactors
11 External Diffusion Effects on Heterogeneous Reactions
12 Diffusion and Reaction in Porous Catalysts
13 Distributions of Residence Times for Chemical Reactors
14 Models for Nonideal Reactors