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Title: Optimization of Chemical Process
Author: Edgar, T. F.
Edition: 2nd. ed.
Editor: McGraw-Hill
Year: 2001
ISBN: 0-07-118977-7

Part I Problem Formulation

1 The Nature and Organization of Optimization Problems
2 Developing Models for Optimization
3 Formulation of the Objective Function

Part II Optimization Theory and Methods

4 Basic Concepts of Optimization
5 Optimization of Unconstrained Functions: One-Dimensional Search
6 Unconstrained Multivariable Optimization
7 Linear Programming (LP) and Applications
8 Nonlinear Programming with Constrains
9 Mixed-Integer Programming
10 Global Optimization for Problems with Continuous and Discrete Variables

Part III Applications of Optimization

11 Heat Transfer and Energy Conservation
12 Separations Processes
13 Fluid Flow Systems
14 Chemical Reactor Design and Operation
15 Optimization in Large-Scale Plant Design and Operations
16 Integrated Planning, Scheduling, and Control in the Process Industries