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Title: Conceptual Design of Chemical Processes
Author: Douglas, J. M.
Edition: 1st. ed.
Editor: McGraw-Hill
Year: 1988
ISBN: 0-07-100195-6

Part I A Strategy for Process Synthesis and Analysis

1 The Nature of Process Synthesis and Analysis
2 Engineering Economics
3 Economic Decision Making: Design of a Solvent Recovery System

Part II Developing a Conceptual Design and Finding the Best Flowsheet

4 Input Information and Batch versus Continuous
5 Input-Output Structure of the Flowsheet
6 Recycle Structure of the Flowsheet
7 Separation System
8 Heat-Exchanger Networks
9 Cost Diagrams and the Quick Screening of Process Alternatives

Part III Other Design Tools and Applications

10 Preliminary Process Optimization
11 Process Retrofits
12 Computer-Aided Design Programs (FLOWTRAN)
13 Summary of the Conceptual Design Procedure and Extensions of the Method

Part IV Appendices

A Shortcut Procedures for Equipment Design
B HAD Case Study
C Design Data
D FLOWTRAN Input forms
E Cost Data
F Conversion Factors