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Title: Beginning Javascript
Author: Wilton, P.
Edition: 2nd. ed.
Editor: Wrox
Year: 2004
ISBN: 0-7645-5587-1

Chapter 1: Introduction to JavaScript and the Web.
Chapter 2: Data Types and Variables.
Chapter 3: Decisions, Loops, and Functions.
Chapter 4: JavaScript—An Object-Based Language.
Chapter 5: Programming the Browser.
Chapter 6: HTML Forms—Interacting with the User.
Chapter 7: Windows and Frames.
Chapter 8: String Manipulation.
Chapter 9: Date, Time, and Timers.
Chapter 10: Common Mistakes, Debugging, and Error Handling.
Chapter 11: Storing Information: Cookies.
Chapter 12: Dynamic HTML in Early Browsers.
Chapter 13: Dynamic HTML in Modern Browsers.
Chapter 14: JavaScript and XML.
Chapter 15: Using ActiveX and Plug-Ins with JavaScript.
Chapter 16: Server-Side Scripting with ASP.
Chapter 17: Databases.
Appendix A: Exercise Solutions.
Appendix B: JavaScript Core Reference.
Appendix C: JavaScript Client Reference.
Appendix D: Latin-1 Character Set.