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Referral Payback

I pay back up to 50%* of my referral earnings to who signup as my referral in the listed PTC/PTR bellow.
See payments done in page bottom's.

For instance: if you make me earn 100 cents I pay you back 50 cents.

Conditions: I only pay to members registered after 2007/06/10. I only pay if I get paid by these sites. I only pay while it is possible to trace each of my referal earnings. I pay after each cashout. I will annouce in this page each cashout. If you sign up with my link send me an email to with your username/id and Paypal/Alertpay email to let me know who I have to pay back.

(IMPORTANT: please confirm that the referrer field, if exists, in signup form matches my username. In some sites the script make the refferer field empty, so pay attention! To see more info on these programs check left bar.)

You will be paid by Paypal/Alertpay (or other convenient payment processor).

To sign up click in the following links:













* I pay 50% in the first cashout and 30% after first cashout.

My situation on 2008/10/07 (you can help me reach the payout faster):
Bux.to: $0 (payout: $10.00) (paid 3 times) ($50 pending)
BuxOut: $0.40 (payout: $5.00)
ClixMx: $0.23 (payout: $10.00)
CrewBux: $4.39 (payout: $5.00) (paid 1 time)
FoxCash.net: $6.72 (payout: $10)
LinkGrand: $0.73 (payout: $5.00) (paid 1 time)
MiBux: $2.72 (payout: $3.00) (paid 1 time)
NeoBux: $4.37 (payout: $2.00) (paid 2 times)
OsoBux: $0.42 (payout: $4.00) (paid 2 times)
10Bux.net: ($10 pending) SCAM
Adbux: $14.03 (payout: $10.00) (paid 4 times) CASHOUT CANCELED
AdverCash: $12 (payout: $15) (paid 1 time) CLOSING SITE
Bux3: $8.23 (payout: $10.00) SCAM
ClickPay.ca: $1.27 (payout: $5.00) SCAM
DailyClicks: $9.20 (payout: $20.00) SCAM
IsabelMarco: $1.10 (payout: $9.00) ($9 pending) SCAM
PaidClicks.ws: $7 (payout: $7.00) (paid 2 times) ($pending) SCAM
PrimeBux: $6.40 (payout: $10.00) SCAM
Ten-Ads: $2.56 (payout: $10.00) CLOSING SITE
UberBux: $5 (payout: $5.00) ($5 pending) SCAM
World-Bux: $0.95 (payout: $10.00) ($14 pending) SCAM
Xclix.net: $3.70 (payout: $10.00) ($10 pending) SCAM

See here the payments done till now. If you are my referral and wasn't paid send me your paypal email (see conditions at page top's).

From NeoBux (cashout received in 2008/09/13):
User Value Proof Notes
thed*** 0.40 see proof paid
sen*** 0.10 Transfered to PTRcommunity account as asked paid

From NeoBux (cashout received in 2008/09/12):
User Value Proof Notes
bez*** 0.03 see proof paid
Dav7*** 0.48 see proof paid
sen*** 0.38 Transfered to PTRcommunity account as asked paid

From 10Bux.net (cashout received in 2008/06/15):
User Value Proof Notes
bez*** 0.53 see proof paid
Dav7*** 1.10 see proof paid
rimi*** 1.44 see proof paid
kim*** 0.07 not paid: wrong email

From NeoBux (cashout received in 2008/06/02):
User Value Proof Notes
bez*** 0.07 see proof paid
send*** 0.34 see proof paid
Dav7*** 0.74 see proof paid

From LinkGrand (cashout received in 2008/05/10):
User Value Proof Notes
30997 0.35 see proof paid
67036 0.00 less than 1 cent not paid

From MiBux (cashout received in 2008/05/06):
User Value Proof Notes
mega***** 0.05 see proof paid
S1l***** 0.40 see proof paid
paa***** 0.31 see proof paid
thede***** 0.03 see proof paid

From Bux.to (cashout received in 2008/04/17):
User Value Proof Notes
hig***** 0.22 see proof paid
fer***** 0.66 see proof paid
mar***** 0.14 see proof paid
Ax0***** 0.10 see proof paid

From PaidClicks (cashout received in 2008/02/25):
User Value Proof Notes
diogo***** 0.04 see proof paid
dav7***** 0.30 see proof paid
naull***** 0.06 see proof paid
dr0g***** 0.05 see proof paid
infot***** 0.12 see proof paid
jjsil***** 0.22 see proof paid
bezu***** 0.22 see proof paid
send***** 0.44 see proof paid
soul***** 0.30 see proof paid
rfco***** 0.04 see proof paid

From PaidClicks (cashout received in 2007/12/28):
User Value Proof Notes
diogo***** 0.13 see proof paid
dav7***** 0.30 see proof paid
naull***** 0.08 see proof paid
dr0g***** 0.10 see proof paid
infot***** 0.18 see proof paid
jjsil***** 0.27 see proof paid
bezu***** 0.06 see proof paid
send***** 0.24 see proof paid

From Advercash (cashout received in 2007/12/24):
User Value Proof Notes
bezu***** 0.42 see proof paid
ress***** 0.58 see proof paid
S1l***** 0.15 see proof paid
fera***** 0.14 see proof paid
naul***** 0.01 see proof paid

From Adbux (cashout received in 2007/12/01):
User Value Proof Notes
publi***** 0.15 see proof paid

From Bux.to (cashout received in 2007/11/01):
User Clicks Value Proof Notes
publ**** 142 $0.42 see proof paid
ben**** 36 $0.10 see proof paid
Lifew**** 60 $0.18 see proof paid
Ax00***** 71 $0.21 see proof paid
sever**** 87 $0.26 see proof paid

From DreamClix (cashout received in 2007/08/28):
User Earnings Value Proof Notes
741* $0.44 $0.22 see proof paid
845* $0.39 $0.19 see proof paid
860* $0.16 $0.08 see proof paid
871* $0.02 $0.01 see proof paid
888* $0.02 $0.01 see proof paid

From Bux.to (cashout received in 2007/08/07):
User Clicks Value Proof Notes
Ax**** 103 0.51 see proof paid
Lifew**** 40 0.20 see proof paid
magic**** 11 0.05 see proof paid
benj***** 69 0.34 see proof paid
public**** 160 0.80 see proof paid
isma**** 47 0.23 see proof paid
Sever**** 110 0.55 see proof paid

From Adbux (cashout received in 2007/07/13):
User Clicks Value Proof Notes
publi***** 92 0.46 see proof paid


Users: 66
Users credit: 18.24
Pay. Pending: 0.89
Paid: 135.36
E.P.V.: c 0.60
Next Convertion:
20th. Oct.
This space can be yours: $2/mo.
This space can be yours: $2/mo.
This space can be yours: $2/mo.
This space can be yours: $2/mo.

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